Happy Spring!

I do not know about you, but I love this time of year. Everything starts turning green, and flowers start blooming. I just visited my grandson for his 2nd birthday March. He loves walks, and we would find flowers that were blooming. It is fun to see how he gets so excited about little things in life like flowers, green grass, and even the dead leaves that crumple under his feet, and of course, he loves the dead sticks on the ground too. Spring gives us hope, and you know Easter is just around the corner. In my world, Easter is what I live for. God’s love is unconditional. He gave his one and only son.

This is a great time to evaluate how 2023 is going as we enter into our second quarter of the year. We all start the new year with new hope, goals, and plans. But about this time, we have lost the new feeling of the year and forgotten about those New Year’s resolutions, if we made any to begin with. Some people become discouraged or forget what they even focused on in their life or business.

This is a good time to jump-start your life and business by thinking of how you want to bloom as you enter spring and return to being excited about everything around you, even the dead leaves or dead sticks on the ground. Because those dead sticks or leaves taught us what we can or cannot do, they are not failures. They are experiments that will take us where we need to go or show things in our life or business that must be pruned. So as you feel the crunch of leaves under your feet, get excited, and when you see a dead stick, say wow, that did not work, or look at what God is doing for me now! My grandson picks up the dead sticks, looks at them, and explores them.  Go back to your child-like faith, and looking at things from that perspective will help you in your business and your life.

You should review the last quarter as we enter the second quarter with a different viewpoint.  Seeing the new opportunities the 2nd quarter will have for you and your business!

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