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Here to There Revealed

A System for Balancing Life and Business

Are you overwhelmed? Are you finding that trying to run a business, a family, and your spiritual life, demands more than 24 hours in a day? Add to that your personal history and everything weighs on your shoulders like you are trying to carry an SUV full of kids!  Here to There Revealed- A System for Balancing Life and Business is the perfect tool to inspire, empower and enable business owners like yourself to feel confident balancing your personal and work life. 

How can this book help? Most people form a self-perception of who they are based on past experiences, environmental circumstances, and the people they surround themselves with. To move forward and overcome your obstacles, you can utilize all this book has to offer to repeatedly revise, rework, and renew your perception of yourself. 

Each chapter takes you a step closer to the best version of yourself, moving you from “Here To There,” and helping you find a more balanced life.
Sheri Berger, with over 20 years of experience leading, consulting, training, and mentoring companies from small businesses to large corporations, and a business owner herself for over 15 years; knows how to balance all aspects of business and life. She is the founder and owner of  ‘Here to There Consulting’, is a Process and Procedure Architect, and will expertly guide you to manifest your business vision by creating uniquely designed tools in this book which will transform your business and life!

All it takes is this book, pen and paper, and an hour a day to revamp your life and lighten your load! What are you waiting for?