Five years ago, three days before my son’s wedding out of town I almost died. My colon was shutting down. I guess 12 hours after your colon shuts down is very dangerous. They got me through the ER and into surgery in only 4 hours, even with a full waiting room. I had never seen that before in my life.  

They gave me morphine, and then told us scary stuff like my colon was dying and all black. They said they would have to remove some of it because it was dead and I would  end up on a bag. I looked at my husband asking what to do as I was drugged ( lol) and he said Honey we do not have any other choice. As they ran me off to the ER I was worried about my husband who had not eaten all day and worried about missing my son’s wedding.   

My husband had my phone text all my Christian friends and asked them to pray for me.

After 4 hours of surgery the night before, at 7:00 the next morning the surgeon came in and said he did not understand how I did not lose any of my colon.  It was a Catholic hospital but I knew how. It was God.

God was not finished with me. By God’s grace I am still here and working to make a difference every day as God gives me this time. 

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