Stress and Self-Care

Let’s talk about stress and self-care

Who you hang with matters in life!
You know what else matter is who you choose to hang with or listen to in these crazy times.

People either add value and support or take away and drain you during a crazy time in your life.
It is important to remember when life gets crazy, have encouraging and supportive people,
tribe, and friends in your life. Be sure to have the four essential people in your life coaches,
mentors, friends, and cheerleaders.
• Who are the support people you need in your life?
• Who are the people you might need a break from at this time?

This is a good time to love yourself enough to set boundaries.
Your time and energy are precious, and you get to decide how you use them.
You cannot control other people; you can control how you choose to respond to other people’s

How you choose to look at life or what is happening in life matters.
I like seeing things in many ways because I don’t have to worry about what others
think. I can see things as I feel, which is meaningful to me. I don’t have to try
to imagine how other people see things, and I don’t have to worry about whether other
people agree with how I see things.
You know attitude and perception are so important to success and happiness.
• What is your perception of what is going on?
• Why are you feeling this way?
• How can you look at the silver lining in the event?
• What can you learn from this hard time?
• How can you grow?

Remember you are human, and give yourself grace.
Be sure to stop and breathe, taking time for self-care
1. Managing your stress,
2. Prioritizing your thoughts,
3. Balancing your emotion,
4. Breaking down and breaking open ( it is ok to not be ok)
5. Find a safe person to talk to, counselor, pastor, or friend ( or all three)
6. Know that it is okay to do less when dealing with more.